Monday, July 25, 2011

Rule Change to "NAUGHTY Contest"

Keepin it simple. All you have to do is post in comments of contest post. New deadline - August 5th!

Friday, July 22, 2011

The NAUGHTY contest!!!

**WINNER announced ASAP! Thanks everyone!!**

I've had a real crummy (and not cookie crumbs) week. What better way to turn things around than to start an exciting contest.

Sign up by posting your entry in the comments section of this post! DEADLINE - August 5th! HURRY!!

Your entry must include...

Wordcount of entry
Where you passed this info along (Twitter, Blog...)
(And you must follow this blog)

Your entry should be an excerpt from a completed MS. A scene where your character is doing something they shouldn't. Basically, your character being NAUGHTY! Feel free to get creative with this! (A max of 750 words)

The Prize!
The winner (I will be the judge) will receive a free copy of Elana Johnson's astounding debut novel, POSSESSION! (Where the characters are masters at being naughty rule breakers) It's addicting, fun, and adventurous. And it's a beautiful book that will look great on your shelf.

Let's have a lot of FUN with this one guys!

Now, WOWZA me with your work!
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