Tuesday, October 16, 2012

My First Time!

(No worries, this is writing related.)

I am doing NaNoWriMo this year! It's my first time and I am seriously so excited.

I am currently working on revisions for ADRENALINE, but if I'm not done by November 1st, I'm gonna burn it. Fact.

Since I'm working through my revisions like a crazy obsessed person right now, I haven't had anytime to do much planning for NaNo, which kinda makes me all twitchy and itchy. I'm def a planner. But I have another problem. I have two different ideas and I'm not sure which to do.

Idea one is one I've been thinking about for like a year now and I have actually done tons of note taking for this one because it's gonna be harder to write than anything I've ever written. It may be bigger than me, and I may not be able to give it justice, which freaks me just enough not to want to do it for NaNo.

Idea two is like my first two books because when I think about it I get antsy fingers to start typing and can tell it will flow fast with less knots to comb out. Really excited about this one!

So, I think I know which one I'm leaning towards, but I thought I'd see what you guys thought. The idea I've been dying to work on for months and months or the new idea that will be easier to write?

Also, what tips do you have for me since this is my first time? And are you doing NaNo? I'd love to know what your plans are.
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