Saturday, September 17, 2011

No, I can't do THAT!

Have you ever heard a tiny voice in your head say those words while working on your manuscript? I know I have. But guess what. Whenever I think that, I smile and then do just exactly THAT. Because, really, torturing my characters is what I do best.

Of course, my poor little helpless characters have no choice. That's the power of being the one at the keyboard. I decide what happens. And while I put my characters through all sorts of pain, I do feel bad. Like when I made my character eat an Oregon-sized slug (similar to picture but BIGGER), I was totally writhing in my seat. (Are ya feelin' the empathy yet?) :)

But guess what, I also give my characters some pretty rockin times too. Like the kiss between MC and the smokin' genius boy she secretly crushes on. Ya, that was me too. So, I like to think my characters forgive me.

So you tell me. What's the worst thing you've ever done to one of your characters? And do you ever question if you can go through with it? Do you hear the voice inside saying, "No, I can't do THAT!"

If you do, just ignore it, and GO. RIGHT. AHEAD. (They'll forgive you)

*Photo courtesy acobox*

**BTW more info on the King and Queen of Romance competition coming soon, so stay posted! If you haven't heard about it yet click that link because you're not gonna want to be left out in the rain, no matter how romantic rain can be.**


  1. Not sure about my characters, but I think you should GO. RIGHT. AHEAD. and pour salt (heck how about gasoline?) on that *ICKY* slug.

  2. I don't necessarily enjoy torturing my characters but I love to see them prevail in the end though. The only way to see that is if I set a bunch of crap in their way so be it ;-)

  3. Hey, no salt allowed! :)

    I'm with ya, Stephanie!

    Thanks for the comments.

  4. Was she starving to death?

    When I make my characters suffer, I feel the pain with them. So it's not really ignoring the voice in my head, it's asking whether I can handle the pain myself.

  5. Yes, exactly! I love torturing them, because I feel it too. And whenever I feel something in writing or reading it's a GOOD thing!

    No she wasn't starving to death. More like proving herself. :)


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