Thursday, September 15, 2011

Search for the King and Queen of Romance in Literature (info post)

Do NOT post nominations on this post please!
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What this post entails, in this order:
1. My weirdness
2. How the Search for the King and Queen of Romance in Literature will work
3. When to post your nominations
4. A bit on the voting
5. The prize

So, I'm laying awake in bed early this morning (okay, early for me is like 7:30, but hey, I stay up late, okay?) after putting baby bear cub #2 back to sleep. Of course, I can't get back to sleep, so I'm thinking about the characters in my WIP, as I usually do when I have nothing better to think about, which is often. Anyway, I decided to come up with something super fun to do on the blog, hence, here I am writing this while everyone else is asleep.

So, I tend to be a romantic at heart, hip, arm, get it. My family makes fun of me because once I told them how fun I thought it would be if all the wives put on corsets and fancy dresses while our husbands chased after us (in the rain, of course). They tease me about it to this day.

It still hasn't happened. Lame, I know.

But I'm sure all of you are exactly the same way, right? Definitely. So let's have some fun. Ready? Here we go...

Between now and when I open the nomination post next Thursday, be thinking of which couple in literature is your favorite. Yes, this couple needs to be from literature, not movies or TV please. This is a writing blog after all.

Once you've thought of your favorite couple, you will want to be quick when nominations open so you get it in before someone else does. Again, the post for nominations will open next Thursday (Sept. 22nd)! Only one person can nominate each couple. Once that couple is nominated they cannot be nominated again, and you can only nominate one couple.

The posting for nominations will be open at least a week.

Once the nomination period has ended, we will start the LOVEVOTE EXTRAVAGANZA! Here, everyone and anyone has one chance to vote for one of the nominated couples and over the span of a couple weeks (or so) we will get it narrowed down to one last WINNING couple, who will be deemed the King and Queen of romance in all of literature. (Per this blog, anyway. Which is pretty much all that matters, really.)

Now there's got to be a PRIZE right? If the couple you nominate wins, you get to choose any book of your choice from ($20 limit), and I will order and send it to you. Awesome right? Oh yeah!

So start thinking of your favorite romantic couple and be ready to put in your nomination before someone else can next Thursday (Sept. 22nd) when I open the post for entries!

Okay, lets have some fun! (Post questions, concerns below please)


  1. What time on Thursday will you be posting the entry post, or what time will the contest begin?

  2. Hmm...trying to decide what time works best for most. Early? Lunch time? All feedback welcome.

    Time will be posted before Thursday for sure! I'm trying really hard to advertise and notify everywhere so no one misses the chance to nominate as soon as they can. :)

    Thanks for the comment!

    Can't help wondering if one of my obvious choices will win or if people will go for a less popular couple. hmmm, we shall see!

  3. Nick and Nora Charles.

    Rev up the way-back machine (think Thin Man).

  4. Okay, so I posted too soon. Oh, well. Nobody else would think of them anyway.

    If I remember to come back, however, I'll vote for Shrek and Fiona.

  5. Hey, that's okay! I'll be sending lots of reminders before it opens so come back and vote again, but you'll have to choose one. :)

  6. I changed the name of the competition. Much more catchy don't you think? :)

  7. Won't everyone vote for his or her own nomination?


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