Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Get it right!! (with funny video example)

Okay, so maybe you've seen this before, but it's definitely worth seeing again if you have. If you haven't, your in for a real hoot! BTW, these are really short.

This is a good example of how important it is to GET IT RIGHT as a writer. When do you need to get it right? How about when you hit that glaring send button before submitting your precious manuscript to that agent you've been web-stalking for the past year.

Just like this girl has been preparing and obsessing over THIS very important moment, so have you with your writing and querying and researching. Right?


But guess what? You're on stage, and your only time to get it right, is right now! Of course, this is easier said than done, and we can only do our best. But don't query before you're ready. Take it slow. Get it right. Then send that finished, revised, edited, POLISHED manuscript to that agent who just might fall in love with it and you.

Okay, you get it. Now watch what happens when you don't GET IT RIGHT:

Yeah, I don't know what she's talking about either. Don't let that be YOU. Don't let an agent read your work and think, What the heck was that?

**For the record, I actually feel really bad for her and completely understand how nerves can really mess up a person! At least when we mess up it's not in front of the world, right? Thank goodness!**

The next one is worth watching too! It's a remake of the first one. It's great because it makes it look like she was PREPARED and thought she did GET IT RIGHT.

Thanks for stopping by! HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!


  1. Ha, ha, oh dear. I feel so badly for this girl. But I guess we've all said/done silly things and just need to make sure we don't say/do those things with agents! ! !

  2. I've been waiting MONTHS for an agent to open up to queries and then I sent her my carefully combed query... and somehow didn't realize I had the sample chapter and synopsis pasted twice.

    Yup, I must have had a Miss Teen South Carolina moment.

  3. Argh! Stuff like that drives me crazy. So sorry, Clutz. Love the way you said you had a Miss Teen South Carolina moment. haha


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