Tuesday, August 9, 2011

We have a WINNER!!! (Finally)

Sorry about the dreadful wait, guys! I've entered contests in the past where the judge talks about how hard it was to decide, because all the entries were so good. I always think "Ya, sure. They just say that to be nice." Right?


It was a bajillion times harder than I thought to choose just one winner. Wish I had prizes for everyone, because you all had fabtabulous entries. Which made my job just plain out bleh.

But I finally decided on one winner for our killer prize: Elana Johnson's POSSESSION.

The winner is......


Congratulations Mary!
(And sorry about cutting your name out of your entry) :)

I thought everyone had really nice tight writing, awesomely naughty characters, and interesting premises. I think it was the vivid, clear descriptions and the He did what?? Wait what? No! factor that got me with HEADS UP. But like I said, it was super hard to choose.

Thanks to everyone for entering! I had a lot of fun reading them and hope you did too!

**Mary, go ahead and email or PM me with your address, and I'll get this book in the mail for you! Congrats again and good job!**


  1. Holy cow! I won! I won! Yay! Thanks Mel! How exciting! And so glad I won a copy of Elana's POSSESSION! Yay! Will email you where to send it. Thanks again!


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